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2017 Education Session Recordings


Please view recordings and slides from the 2017 Water Conversation Showcase below. 

The recordings of the 2017 Water Conservation Showcase presentations and the PDF versions of the slides are posted here:

How Are Projects with Water Budgets and MWELO Compliance Actually Performing?

  • Dave Langridge, Water Conservation Representative, EBMUD

  • Ann-Marie Benz, Executive Director, ReScape California/Bay-Friendly Coalition

  • Sarah Sutton, BFQP, ASLA, LEED AP, Principal, PlaceWorks

This presentation looks at metered data collected by EBMUD at MWELO-compliant sites and identifies where the best irrigators are located. For some specific sites, ReScape representatives will describe the specific water-saving landscape design strategies deployed. Link to Recording.


Eliminating Water Waste: A Panel Discussion on Leak Detection Techniques and Case Study Projects

  • Sean Steffensen, Mechanical Engineer, California Energy Commission

  • Ryan Gabriel, P.E. Engineer – Hydraulics and Operational Support, SFPUC City Distribution Division

  • Timothy D. Danz, Chief Engineer, The California Center

  • Cindy Anderson, Vice President, Marketing, The Detection Group

This panel discussion on leak detection will feature four perspectives and explore the topic at both utility and building scales. The magnitude of water leaks in California will be discussed along with strategies and technologies that can be leveraged to address the problem. Link to Recording.

Workshop on Landscape Irrigation

Christine Hawkins, Specification Manager, Hunter Industries

Tom Bressan, Urban Farmer Store

Link to Recording.

Recommendations for a New Long Term Water Use Efficiency Framework

  • Peter Brostrom, Water Use Efficiency Program Manager, California Department of Water Resources

The main focus of the talk will describe the recommendations for a new long term water use framework in California including a description of the proposed water budget targets, commercial, industrial and institutional performance measures and water shortage contingency plans. Link to Recording.

From Laboratories to Homes: Water Conservation Case Studies

  • Claire Maxfield, Director, Atelier Ten

  • Mayank Saxena, Project Manager - Indra Designs Inc.

Panel presentation featuring the recently-completed work of two architectural firms, Atelier Ten and Indra Designs Inc., whose collective portfolio demonstrates that water conservation can be applied across a wide range of building types and scales. Link to Recording.

Workshop on Greywater Systems
Sherry Lee Bryan, Senior Program Specialist, EcologyAction
Alan Hackler, Owner/Contractor/Designer, Bay Maples Landscaping

Link to Recording.

Water Use Reduction at UC Campuses: Water Conservation Case Studies

  • Camille Kirk, Director of Sustainability and Michael Fan, Director of Utilities, UC Davis

  • Eliahu Perszyk, Water Program Coordinator, UC San Francisco

  • Kristen Lee, Sustainability Programs Manager and Patrick Testoni, Energy Manager, UC Santa Cruz

By exploring the water-conserving projects deployed at UC-Davis, UC-San Francisco and UC-Santa Cruz, this panel presentation will take a closer look at the myriad of strategies being pursued to meet the University of California system-wide goal of reducing per-capita water consumption by 20% by 2020. Link to Recording.

A Closer look at Plumbing Fixtures: From Standards to Performance Testing

  • Stephanie Tanner, Lead Engineer, US EPA WaterSense Program

  • John Koeller, Principal, Koeller and Company - MaP Testing

This panel presentation on plumbing fixtures will include an overview and update on the EPA's WaterSense program and explore California's individual fixture standards. The future of these standards, actual product performance and industry trends will also be presented. Link to Recording.

Workshop on Rainwater Gardens
Martha Berthelsen, Program Manager, The Watershed Project

Progressive Civil Engineering: Water Conservation Case Studies

  • Amelia Luna, Project Manager, Sherwood Design Engineers

  • Peter Haase, Principal Engineer, Fall Creek Engineer, Inc. & Chief Technology Officer at Acqualogic

This panel presentation will feature the design work of two progressive civil engineering firms: Sherwood Design Engineers and Fall Creek Engineer, Inc..  Through case study project examples, representatives of both firms will share their inventive design strategies, core principles that insure project success, water-savings data and lessons learned. Link to Recording.

Addressing California’s Water Needs Through Data and Collaboration

  • Frank Loge, Director, Center for Water-Energy Efficiency, and Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis

This session will explore the historic context, challenges and opportunities related to the water-energy nexus. The speaker will share the results of recent research on the topic and describe the latest industry approaches to water and energy utility partnerships. Link to Recording.

Workshop on Indoor Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances

Stephanie Tanner, Lead Engineer, US EPA WaterSense Program
John Koeller, Principal, Koeller and Company - MaP Testing
Amin Delagah, Engineer, Food Service Technology Center

Link to Recording.

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