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With the global crisis of water scarcity, governments have been enacting laws to enforce the need to use less water. Niagara’s models with Stealth Technology® meet that requirement by offering models that flush at 0.8 gallons per flush (GPF), which is half of the national standard at 1.6 GPF and the 1.28 GPF standard set by states with major drought issues such as California and Texas. Niagara is one of the few toilet manufacturers who offer models that flush as low as 0.5 while offering a wide variety of options that utilize Stealth Technology that also come with the EPA’s WaterSense and MaP certifications to guarantee performance. Water-saving toilets not only help the environment, but they can help save money on water bills (owners can track how much water their home or building uses and find out how much they can save using a Water-Saving Calculator). The EPA estimates that water-conserving toilets can reduce water usage up to 60% every year, lowering monthly water costs and saving more than 13,000 gallons of water annually. Additionally, U.S. water and sewer bills have increased 43% over the past decade, creating the economic need for Stealth Technology. See it in action here:


Niagara®, a leader in the water-conservation space, believes that everyday ingenuity can answer a global crisis. Through advanced technology, Niagara has re-engineered the way people use water by creating high-efficiency toilets that work better and waste nothing. These water-saving products have become renowned among a growing customer base of contractors, developers, plumbing engineers and architects for their power and performance. The company was founded in 1977 and is currently headquartered in Flower Mound, TX. Niagara supports the US and international markets. For information, visit or call (888) 733-0197.

At Gachina Landscape Management, we understand the value of smart water management. We measure success by the amount of water and money we save our clients each year. We work with HOAs, multi-family communities, commercial sites, and estates in the greater San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas. Gachina is committed to using the best horticultural practices and providing our clients with the latest in irrigation and green industry technology. Our Rescape certified team of experts can provide sustainable solutions for all your landscaping needs. 


Virtual Exhibitor Packet & Raffle

The Water Conservation Showcase Raffle includes over $1000 in prizes! For a chance to win, visit the WCS Exhibitor Page entry form and complete the WCS attendee survey. The grand prize is a private guided tour of the StopWaste’s Altamont property featuring a carbon farming research project, a Niagara Ultra-High-Efficiency Toilet, gift cards to High Sierra Showerheads, and more!


Attend the 19th Annual Water Conservation Showcase online on July 20, 27, August 3, and 10, 2022.

*You will need to log-in/register for a free PG&E Energy Center account and sign up for all nine sessions or register individually.




the 2022 Water Conservation Showcase

Show your support for

water conservation.


Become a sponsor at this year's Water Conservation Showcase.


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